Legal advice as an alternative to the legal profession

The corporate lawyer is that of a worker who works under the contractor to provide legal advice in the performance of the entrepreneurial activity. What kind of legal advice? Well it can be the most varied, it depends:

  • from what kind of company it is (manufacturing, services, food …)
  • by how the entrepreneur decided to organize his offices, establishing what the internal lawyer deals with and what the external lawyer (s)
  • from what position does the company lawyer hold (can he be a simple employee or have a managerial role)
  • etc.

The only certainty is that the corporate lawyer cannot advocate in court , therefore he will not be able to assist the company in disputes with third parties, whatever their nature. The corporate lawyer is not a lawyer (and if he is a lawyer because he has he cannot enroll in the register of lawyers).

This means that if you are interested in taking this path, you will not be forced to undergo 18 months of practice or other internships / schools for legal professions immediately after university, which are required by law to become a lawyer, a notary or a magistrate. Not only that, you won’t even have to take exams or contests!

However, I do not deny that certain companies require as a requirement to work within their legal department, that the lawyer has had experience as a lawyer (or at least as a practicing lawyer)

In any case, to try to give some more advice for those who want to choose the path of corporate legal advice, I decided to make a short video (actually a graduate from Udine asked me). In this video I explain how to try to fit into this sector, I provide indications on how to choose a master’s degree to perfect one’s university education, on how to “look for and not look” for this job and finally on the role that English plays in this profession.